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Dometic minibars

Dometic operates on a global scale allowing us to offer local support across regions as operators and owning companies expand into new markets. Dometic regional office in Dubai established in 1991 in a long term commitment to the region, handling Middle East & North Africa.

There is a good reason why Dometic has been a long-term partner of the world’s leading hotels. Through innovative silent technology, along with quality, design and service also the elegant design and low operating cost, Dometic has made in-room refreshment profitable for hotels. The Dometic miniBar is regarded worldwide as the finest in-room refreshment center.

Dometic Safes offer a perfect solution for every demand. The user-friendly design for highest individual security lets your guests enjoy more convenience and improves the image of your hotel. Dometic Wine Cellars include vibration free wine cellars for maturing fine wines at stable temperature and humidity. Service Cellar SW180 is a dual temperature model with adjustable compartments for white and red wines, suitable for outlets.