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Established in 1912, today Gruppo Cimbali operates in more than 100 countries through a highly motivated and professional distribution and service network. Two thirds of the production are exported thus underlining the extraordinary international vocation. The company is based in Italy, close to Milan. With more than 550 employees, it features the world’s largest industrial area among professional espresso machine producers, covering a total of 75,000 square metres of which 40,000 indoors. Additionally, the company has subsidiaries in France, Spain, UK, Germany, Portugal and USA.

The design and manufacture of products is carried out wholly in-house by 40 engineers. The Group also has a specialised unit dedicated to the employment of electronics and software. This strategic team is entrusted with ensuring rapid response to growing and diversified market demand, making the preparation of drinks more simple without ever compromising the quality of the cup result.

Customers are constantly supported by an after-sales team of 40 specialised technicians who ensure proper assistance to the network of distribution centres all over the world.

The Cimbali product range includes more than 70 traditional and superautomatic espresso coffee machines and various coffee grinders.